The Harvester (stud)


The Grim Reaper’s soul-taker, and symbol for the end of mortal life. The scythe wraps over the ear with the blade hooking over the top.

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The harvester shows us the scythe of the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper or the Angel of Death is a hooded figure who carries a scythe to cut off the coils of the soul from the mortal body. Once the soul is severed from the body, he guides the deceased to his final destination of heaven or hell.

The scythe of the Grim Reaper has been a powerful symbol through the ages. It shows a simple farming tool as method to cut off human life. It has been seen as the omen of death for many cultures. The story of the Scythe and the Grim Reaper has been solidified in the 14th century England when the black plague ravaged the land in the times of the middle ages.

Through the centuries many people have thought about Death and how to elude him. They have thought about bribing him and escaping him or even tricking him. Many famous stories have been written about him.

But Death is a force we cannot escape, and the only way to live is for us not to fear him. Wearing this scythe allows us to remind ourselves that Death is just around the corner. Death is eminent and will come whether we like it or not. But wearing this symbol reminds us that Death is not our enemy and that he will come. And if we ever befriend him, he may take us in a peaceful way.

Wear this ear trinket to show others that you wield the Scythe of Death and you are not afraid of what’s to come. Live life!

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