Dream Fairy Figurines

Gorgeous Dream Fairy Figurines by Nemesis Now. Indulge your mystical side with these gorgeous faeries. They are actually nighttime superheroes asked they me to pass you a message, here it is!

“We are the fairies of your dreams!!

Our magical power is here to bestow peaceful and relaxed dreams. During the day we rest and at dusk we wake up to perform our duty. When night falls and the light of the moon and the stars flows through our hearts, we imprison all the nightmares for those who believe in us and we revive sweet dreams!

With the fairies of their dreams beside them, the dreams of adults and children will always be watched over and so we help them to wake up happy!

We are the fairies of your dreams!!”

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  • Gothika


    A red and black gothic fairy kneeling with open wings. She has a dragon tattoo on her leg and is holding a rose. There is also a rose in her hair and roses on the ground.
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  • Dahua



    Willowy Dream Fairy Dahua holds a crystal ball in one hand and a book in the other, she gazes mysteriously into the distance, bringing sweet dreams to many and banishing nightmares away!

    Approx. size: 29cm

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  • Sash



    kneeling on leaves, with pink flowers around her. Sash is dressed in a short lilac dress, and has lilac, blue and black wings. Approx 10cm

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  • Serena



    Serena is a beautiful woodland fairy who is kneeling with her elbows resting upon a toadstool amongst lush green leaves & purple flowers. All she wears is a string of green leaves and is finished with light/dark lilac transparent wings.

    As with all Ne

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  • Heather



    Heather sits on a soft bed of purple leaves, her hands folded over her knee resting her head on them.

    Heather's dressed in a lacy purple basque and layered mini skirt. Her boots are a layered design

    Approx. height: 15cm

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  • Forest Flame

    Forest Flame


    Sexy and melancholic Dream Fairy Forest Flame sits on a withered tree trunk, fighting nightmares for everyone whilst looking so angelic with her leaf style wings.

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Showing all 6 results