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Pagan Jewellery, Dragons, Fairies, Angels, Gothica and Magick at StormJewel’s Gifts!

Take a seat by the fire and make your self comfortable, I’ve got tea brewing in the cauldron for you. Don’t worry about my pet fire Dragon, Calcifer he’s very friendly!

If you’re looking for beautiful jewellery, charms and talismans and other amazing gifts and curiousities, you’ve come to the right place!  Take a look at my treasure trove of wonderful pendants of Celtic, Magickal, Wiccan, Fantasy and Pagan Jewellery and bring the magick into your home with my gothic giftsFairy figurines and dragon ornaments

For beautiful statues and other fabulous homeware you can see my fantasy and gothic art and figurines, clocks, boxes, mugs and other things by famous designers and artists such as Anne Stokes, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, Nemesis Now and Alchemy Gothic, please take a look.

Also please see my wonderful Viking Jewellery based on real life Viking artifacts!

Some of my most popular trinkets are from the Sterling Silver Mythical Companions range, I love them too and my tattoo is based on this gorgeous Dragon Heart pendant!

Blessed Be! StormJewel


Try a psychic reading by myself or one of my caring & gifted Psychic ladies at StormJewel’s Psychics! 

We’ve been providing readings online to happy clients for over 8 years now.
You can email a psychic or read my psychic blog.

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  • Witches Oracle Stones

    Witches Oracle Stones

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    The Witches Oracle set: A set of 8 Oracle Stones each with its own symbol - Candle, Sacred Spiral, Broomstick, Cauldron, Chalice, Goddess, Athame and Pentagram. Each stone has a time, meaning, gender and number enabling many questions to be answered.

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