The Dragon’s Lure (stud)


Like a whispering shoulder devil or a witch?s familiar, this dragon, piercing through the ear lobe, tempts the wearer into acts of shameful depravity. (single item not a pair)

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The Dragon’s Lure (stud)

The Dragon’s Lure is a magickal piece that wraps around the ear. It is a black dragon that provides the element of adventure, mystery and wonder. The black dragon is the guardian of the waters in ancient China and a symbol of the Northern direction. The Dragon’s Lure is a depiction of a young, playful dragon who at its youth wishes to impart a spirited nature and a lot of mischief. This whimsical dragon is a whisperer to follow one’s own instincts and think of nothing else. It leads to the opening of the subconscious mind and the astral qualities of the soul. Wear the Dragon’s Lure to attract the strong powers of the water and the North in your mind. Use it as a charm to stay true to yourself not listen to others who are just there to push you. It is also a reminder to let go of things and not be embarrassed to embrace your own way of life.

The Dragon’s Lure is a unique earpiece that would surely make you stand out. It is designed to resonate with a black dragon that has silver scales. Made from lead free pewter and manufactured in England.

Measures: 80mm x 43mm x 18mm at widest part, for the right ear.

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