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The rare white cross set within a Templar cross of red was adopted and painted on the sails of their ships and so is worn for Protection.

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The Knight Templar – Tomar Cross is a remembrance to the surviving Knights Templar after they were hunted executed by King Philip IV of France. The Templars were revived in Portugal under King Denis in the name of The Military Order of Christ or the Order of Christ for short. King Denis asked Pope John XXII to allow him to revive the Knights Templar of Portugal after Pope Clement abolished it. The Order of Christ was formally established in 1381.

As we know the Templars has been surrounded by mystery and controversy. This is why Pope Clement decided to dissolve their ranks. It was said that the Templars subscribed to the pagan teachings of the Freemasons and therefore were heretics. But King Denis knew their importance so he decided to revive them. Thus the Church of Tomar was also put up to be the headquarters of the Order of Christ.

The Church of Tomar was also where some of the Templars were made to abandon their military life and go back into being clerics. Some of them were awarded here and some were ordered to be executed. Some were even buried in this site. The Church of Tomar then is a notable place in the Knights Templar History. Aside from the Church of Tomar, there was also the Tomar Castle which was the seat of the Templar Knights. Here, knighthood was done

The very emblem of the Order of Christ was the same Templar Cross but instead of just being pure red, it had a white cross in the middle. This meant purity at all times and that the Templars were first Christians before they were knights. This pendant shows that very cross. At its bottom is a globe with another cross at the bottom which are both in colour gold. This symbolized the royalty of the order as well as the wealth it brings.

Use this pendant as a holy remembrance of the Knights Templar or as a souvenir to the mystery that is linked with them. It is beautifully crafted in lead-free pewter and comes with a chain as well as a gift box. Measures 1.75” in length and .75” in width. 

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