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Aracnafaria as part of a set of gothic style fairies called “Whitby Abbey Faeries” by Anne Stokes.

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The Aracnafaria is fairy figurine depicting a lovely but gothically dark fairy. She is beautiful yet extremely mysterious creature. She stands before the ruins of the Whitby Abbey in England. This dangerously deadly fae wears a long leather gown with a high open slit. She also has large butterfly wings ribbed with impressions of spider webs. Her arms has spider like décor and her neck is adorned with a red pulsing spider choker.  Her hair is black with a blood red streak.

Most fairies are seen as sweet and innocent, but not Aracnafaria. She is a lady of strength and vengeance. She will entrap those who go into her web and feed on them to make her magick more powerful. She resembles a black widow spider who takes in men and lures them then kills them in the end. But she can be loving and docile to children and sometimes even to young men. If you ever see her, be careful because she might be in the state to strike. She will then strike you down. But if you again her fervour and love, you will then be given her precious protection. She would be willing to fight and defend you.

Many fairies are depicted as just happy go lucky pixies flying about flowers, but there are some who are also both dark and beautiful. Some have to have darkness in them in order to keep the balance in nature. Nature is both light and dark, good and evil.

Have Aracnafaria as your strong and sensual guardian. Let her pin her web of fantasies for you. Have her create a fabric that is full of life. Guard her in your home and she will guard you.

Designed by talented Anne Stokes as a part of her Whitby Abbey Fairy Collection and made from cold cast resin, Aracnafaria will be a good addition to your fairy collection. Hand painted and stands at 23cm





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