Free Secret Garden Meditation

Free Online Meditation in the Secret Garden

Maybe you’ve had a stressful day, maybe you just want to relax! Meditation has been proven to promote health, relieve stress and change your mood. Take a wander through my magick secret garden. Breathe deeply, relax and enjoy!

Meditainment have great meditations for your mp3 player, computer or on cds. I discovered them through a recommendation from the Times (UK Newspaper) – They have lovely stories and relaxation excercies to help you sleep, reduce anxiety and relax, give up smoking, control pain and lots more.

Below you can try the Secret Garden Meditation for free, all you need to do is put in your email address and nickname (they never send you spam!) and off you go! It’s got beautiful imagery, realistic sound effects and gentle music and a relaxing excersise at the start. Give it a go when you want to relax or scroll down the page and play with the fishies! Blessed Be!


Don’t want to meditate just yet? Then take a seat on a toadstool and gaze into my fish pond? – click on the fishies to make them jump!

When you’re finished why not take a browse at my meditation cds for sale here. Or get yourself a meditation kit – with incense to get you in the mood and mala beads to count!  There’s also free meditation music to download


Finished meditating but still want to relax? – try my free online games, or get a free tarot card reading and check your horoscope.