About StormJewel and her shop in the Enchanted Wood

About StormJewel and her Magick Gift Shop

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StormJewel lives and works in a little round house in the middle of the Enchanted Wood, where she collects all manner of Magickal items to sell, from Wiccan, Pagan, Buddhist and other spiritual and religious supplies, to New Age and metaphysical, Gothic things, fortune telling and divination tools,  incense , tarot cards and other items for spells and rituals, angel gifts, marvellous green man pendants and art, dragon and fairy things and of course all kinds of beautiful and unusual Magickal Charms, Jewellery and Pendants.

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When she is away from her gift shop she can usually be found in London or Kent, which happens to be handily connected by way of a magic portal to her shop. As taxmen are banned from the Enchanted Wood, this is also where her business is registered.

Fans of Enid Blyton may be interested to know that StormJewel can actually see the Faraway tree from her garden, and frequently likes to pop over and have tea with Moon Face and Silky and Whatsisname, (if he’s in a good mood!) and sometimes visit unusual lands at the top. If you come to see her on a quiet afternoon and you would like to go, let her know and she will happily take you on a magic adventure!

She has a masters in Anthropology to allow her to better connect with, understand and help people all around the world.  She loves to travel and can often be found travelling in unsual places, all the while keeping a watchful eye for an amazing magickal gifts for her home and shop.

StormJewel loves to chat so if you have any queries, questions or suggestions please drop her an email

Blessed Be! xxx