Urnes Snakes for Skill and Ingenuity.


These snakes are the symbol of Loki and were found carved into large rune stones in Urnes, Norway. Loki was a shape-changer and trickster, a clever god who was as flexible as a serpent when wriggling himself out of trouble. Vikings believed that snakes, b

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The Urnes Snakes for Skill and Ingenuity is a pendant that is reminiscent of the carvings on the stone Runes in the ancient place of Urnes in Norway. The Snakes are a depiction of the god Loki’s skill, magick, trickery and ingenuity. It is also a symbol of the Mid-Gard Snake, Jörmungandr who was Loki’s son and also held the World around its body. This powerful snake had the ability to turn the world and crush it at its will. In the legends the Jörmungandr fought against the god Thor and that they would battle it out in the last days of the Ragnarok. The Urnes Snake is a token that symbolizes the abilities of Loki wit, cunning, flexibility, creativity and ingenuity.

By wearing this amulet pendant, one may be reminded of the ability to hold the world in one’s hand as long as you allow yourself to be flexible in its every turn. It is a good ornament for those who are craftsmen and women, artists, writers, doctors or anyone who works with his hands and mind. The snakes also represent the abilities to use something venomous into its own power; much like using a bad situation for you to succeed. It is also reminder to shed the old and grow with the new and to keep on moving no matter what.

Made with lead free pewter, this pendant measures 35 x 33mm / 1″ x 1″. It comes with a chain to wear around your neck. Own this piece of jewellery to enhance your skill and ingenuity.

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