Moon Valknutr for Realising One’s Dreams


The Valknutr represents Odin’s power, while the lunar symbolism stands for Freya, Norse goddess of magic who taught Odin secret skills. This pendant is worn for realising one’s dreams.

This Exquisitely Crafted Pendant is highly polished & is embelli

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Moon Valknutr for Realising One’s Dreams is beautifully crafted pendant amulet that gets it powers from the Nordic gods Odin and Freya. Odin is the Old Wise One and Freya is the goddess of the moon, fulfilment, love and passion. A Valknutr is Nordic Knot symbol that shows interlinked triangles but in this case the knot being of the Moon is made of the Tree Crescent Moon Symbol. The Three Crescent Moon symbol is one of the oldest symbols that embody the Goddess and her phases: the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. Since she is the embodiment of life, this allows you to journey through life with the guiding light of the moon. This allows you to walk in whatever path you choose and succeed. Also the Three Crescent Moon represents the Greek goddesses called the Fates that weave the thread of life: Clotho (Birth), Lachesis (Life) and Atropos (Death). They have normally visit mortals to give them a chance to change their destiny.

Wear this pendant and use it as a power element to aid you in your life journey. Allow Odin and Freya as well as the Fates to work their magick on you. This Exquisitely Crafted Pendant is highly polished and is embellished with gold and silver.

Size: 37 x 30mm / 1″ x 1″
Crafted in Lead-Free Pewter, Silver and Gold.
Supplied with a 18″ Silver Chain

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