Jewels of the Moon to Promote Clairvoyance and Psychic.


The moon’s phases govern the shamanic magic called Seidr, taught to Odin by Norse goddess Freya, which has inspired this charm said to promote clairvoyance and psychic ability.

This Exquisitely Crafted Pendant is highly polished & is embellished wit

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This pendant is a symbol of the shamanic powers called Seidr of the Goddess Freya. Freya is the beautiful Norse Goddess of the Moon with the power of shape shifting, clairvoyance, psychic and astral powers enchantment and magick. She is the leader of the Valkyries and the one who rides in a chariot pulled by two mystical blue cats. She rides through war to carry those who die in it to Valhalla. She is the mistress of emotions and untamed powers. She is both aggressive but loving. She blesses those who praise her with the power of untameable strength and clarity of mind.

The Jewels of the Moon Pendant is shown with blue Swarovski Crystals that represent the phases of the moon much like Freya changing shape and form in the sky. In the middle of is the Trine of the Moon that represents the power of three; much like the power of the three phases of Freya’s Moon. This beautiful jewellery is made to represent her shamanic powers.

Many psychics use the powers of the moon to enhance their Sight and their ability to See. By using this pendant, you call upon the moon’s power to shine on your third eye. It should be blessed by the light of the full moon to enhance its powers. Put it around your neck as a keepsake or keep it close to you in order to be guided the powers of Freya. Wear it when you are doing psychic readings or if you want to have lucid dreams where you are shown realms and possibilities.

This Exquisitely Crafted Pendant is highly polished and is embellished with Swarovski Crystals.
Size: 46 x 36mm / 2″ x 1″
Crafted in Lead-Free Pewter , Silver and/or Gold
Supplied with an 18″ Silver Chain

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