Poseidon’s Steed to Attract Friendship


Mighty Poseidon, Greek God of Sea and Horses, rode mythic Hippocampus over the waves. Both message bearer and guardian, this devoted horse of the sea was a brave and loyal companion.
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Poseidon’s Steed to Attract Friendship is a beautifully crafted pendant shown a magickal Hippocampus, a mer-horse carrying with it a bright and shining star which symbolizes a clear sky of voyage for your companionship and friendship. Poseidon being the protector of horses, from both land and sea gives them grace, loyalty and courage.

Poseidon was the son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea and was the brother of Zeus and Hades. Poseidon is also the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. He was loyal yet fierce and had a temper that raged in the seven seas. Poseidon was lover of beauty and tranquillity as well. He kept the seas peaceful for those who promised him loyalty and threw a tempest to those who dare challenge him. Poseidon was said to have taken cared of the faithful seafarers who swore allegiance to him and paved them good voyages. Thus this pendant with the blessings of one of Poseidon’s blue sea stones shaped like a star can help you and your relationship with your friends be strong and be filed with loyalty. This blue star is a symbol of calm seas and used by Poseidon to quiet down storms.

It is said that Poseidon fell in love with one of his sisters, Demeter and she then asked him to create the most beautiful creature. This challenge took long and hard. Poseidon first made the sea-horse or the Hippocampus and then perfected his creation and made the land horse. In his journey of creating this beautiful steed, he was bound with great love for his work that he swore to protect this animal for all eternity. He is often seen riding in the seas in this magnificent sea creatures. The Hippocampus were also loyal friends of Poseidon; doing his bidding of going up the sea surface to do tasks for him. They were told to save drowning sailors or they destroyed ships that were enemies of the sea-god.

This all symbolizes eternal friendship. Horses, both from sea and land are very loyal and will stay by your side through any challenges. This pendant gives you blessings in order to attract good friends who will be loyal to you. It gives you the wonderful aura of light and congeniality but also gives you the discernment to choose those who will be good allies.

Wear this elegant pendant to attract friendship into your life.

Measures about 1” and comes with an 18” Sterling Silver Chain. It is also giftable with a satin pouch.

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