Phoenix Rising for Self Renewal


Phoenix Milcham refused the forbidden fruit and was rewarded with immortality. Milcham lives for 1000 years before being famously reborn to rejoice in another 1000 year cycle.
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The Phoenix Rising for Self Renewal is symbol of completeness, resurrection, strength and resiliency. It is an amulet that signifies the ability to rise from where one has fallen and be even better from what once was. It is a beautiful and ornate pendant showing Phoenix in its full glory as it takes flight from its rebirth. Phoenixes have been powerful and magickal symbols for many civilizations and cultures.

One notable depiction of the legend of the great Phoenix was that of the Torah of the Jews. According the Jewish creation story, after Eve had eaten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Both Good and Evil, she became jealous of the eternal life of the other animals. She then tempted the other animals to also partake in the forbidden fruit. This caused them to be like her, controlled by the cycle of life and death. However one of the animals in the Garden of Eden refused to eat of this fruit. It was the Phoenix. The Phoenix was then rewarded by God to live blessed and walled city; away from any harm or even death. The Phoenix would then live for a thousand years. Once the 1000th year came, the Phoenix would gather odorous wood and with a flap of its own fiery wings would create a pyre. The pyre would then consume this bird but it will not die. From the ashes a small featherless chick rises and becomes an adult bird in a day. It then lives for another thousand years waiting for its rebirth from sacred fires.

The Phoenix is known through most civilizations. It is a notable magickal entity that is regarded to bring about good fortune, long life, and blessings. The Egyptians said that the Phoenix was born of the chest of Osiris and is living avatar of the god. This bird is also known as the Bennu for the Egyptians and they say that it resides in the Ben-Bens or obelisks in sun city Heliopolis.  In their myths, they said that bird lives for cycle of 500 years before it creates the pyre of rebirth. It was also said that the priests of Ra and Osiris were carried by the Phoenix to Heliopolis as it rises to return to the sacred city. The early Christians also saw the Phoenix as the symbol of Christ rising from the dead and resurrecting. For the Greeks, the Phoenix is the beloved bird of Apollo. This magickal bird sings by a well where the god stops every morning to listen to. It was also said to live long for about 500 to 1461 years. And like all the other stories, it also rises from the ashes it has burnt itself in and collects the ash to create a mysterious egg. This egg which is more like a shell only is offered to Apollo.

Another very notable account of the Phoenix is that of the Chinese lore. The Phoenix is the symbol of both Yin and Yang; of true feminine power of the empress. This femininity is not soft and weak but something graceful yet consumingly strong. The phoenix protected marriages. It was seen as a bird sent by the gods during the time of peace.

Having a Phoenix close to your heart can help you ward off feelings of despair but instead be filled with hope and resiliency. It blesses you with the ability not to succumb to trials but rather rise to be someone strong and great after a battle has been fought.

Wear this pendant to empower your spirit with the light and fire of Phoenix. Allow it to burn into your psyche for better wisdom and strength. Comes with 18” Sterling Silver chain and a satin gift pouch.

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