Wheel of Taranis Charm for Strength and Courage


Taranis is a Celtic father god, is associated with the forces of change. His connections with the Oak tree and with Thunder.

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The Wheel of Taranis Charm for Strength and Courage is a pendant that invites courage, strength and honour to its bearer. It is a good symbol that invites power to both mind and spirit. It is an emblem of the Celtic god Taranis.

The God the Taranis is one of the three high male gods of the Celtic lore, Teutates, Esus and himself. These three gods were often depicted as a singular three entity god. Taranis is the god of thunder, war, giver of justice and punisher of the defeated. His name was derived from the Celtic word “tarano” or thunder. He is often depicted holding a thunderbold and a wheel, which is also known as the sun wheel. Taranis is often associated with Jupiter or Zues.

Taranis was a jolly and joviant but also a ruthless and fearless god. He loved celebrations and drinking mead but he also punished the wicked with much wrath. It was said that the skies made loud noises when he crosses the heavens because of him having too much mead. On the other hand when he is angered he shoots lightning and storms on the land of man. To apeace him, prisoners of war were offered to him as live sacrifices. They were burnt alive at the stake. Taranis was said to cleanse their defeated soul and offer them an honourable death. On the other hand, those who offered to him these live captives were blessed with the ability to fight war and win.

Since Taranis held the wheel, this pendant shows the wheel but in the shape of the triskelion. The wheel has always been sacred even during the most ancient races and religions. The wheel meant growth and progress. It also symbolized the sun; the sun who is the giver of life and warmth to all of the earth.

The triseklion is a symbol showing three bent legs which signifies competition and the ability to win. The triskelion and the wheel symbolizes how man goes through rough roads but has the ability to keep on moving with strength. It also shows courage to fun after what you want. It is also a symbol of the moving waters and the ability to withstand anystorm.

Wear this pendant to be able to withstand any storm in life. Be courageous and ward off any negative energy thrown at you. Made of 925 Sterling Silver and measures about an inch. Comes with a pouch and a descriptive material

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