Shield of the Four Directions Charm for Love and Happiness


Each of the arms represents a point of the compass: East, South, West and North, and their attributes of Life, Light, Love and Law and Air.

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The Shield of Four Directions Charm for Love and Happiness is culmination of many Celtic traditions, symbolisms and charms. At first glance, you will see on it the Celtic Shield which a protective Celtic Knot and symbolism. The Celtic Shield is an element that is used to fight evil and ward of curses. If you look at this pendant closely, you will see that the knots show four Triquetras together. The Triquetra is the symbol of the Goddess. She is the giver of life and commands high magick and blesses those seek her. The Triquetra shows the phases of the Moon, Waxing, Full and Waning. Lastly you will also observe if you look at the knot is the Bowen knot also known as the True Lovers Knot. The Bowen knot looks like the interlinked arms of a husband and a wife as they partake a marriage ceremony to carry all the burdens together.

The Shield of Four Directions Charm for Love and Happiness is a pendant that helps in creating blessings in your life in great areas of Love and Happiness. As we know Love is the one ultimate goal of human beings and having it in our lives helps us to live a path of goodness. On the other hand, Happiness is of course the completion of our soul, it is the contentment and joy we see even in our simple life. This pendant helps you channel that through its symbolism. The pendant also calls upon the four corners. Four is a magickal number for the Norse and Celtics.

The numeric four stands for many things. Direction such as North, South, East and West and the Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire are represented by the number four. This talisman pays tribute to those four pillars. It also links with the Life, Love, Light and Law, elements needed to grow spiritually.

Wear this pendant to increase your chakra’s good vibrations, protect you against evil and enhance your happiness. Bless it, so that you can use it to create good vibrations around you.


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