High Celtic Cross Charm for Guidance and Protection


The twin circles symbolize the Kingdoms of Earth and Spirit. Over them lies the Cross, representing the dominion of God. 

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The High Celtic Cross Charm for Guidance and Protection is a pendant that recounts the Celtic Crosses of the historical island of Iona. It is a representation of the unity of faith and the eternal guidance and blessings. It is to show a cross and a circle which represents the Sun and Moon come into one.

It is said that the Island of Iona is the sit of Christianity in the Celtic lands. Many kings have lived and been buried there. In 523 St. Columba and his 12 allies from Ireland went to this isle and spread Christianity there. There was many struggles with the Pagans to accept the new religion. Finally St. Patrick was able to set Christianity in and used the Celtic Cross as the symbolism of the conversion. The cross represents that Jesus is also the Sun, who lights up the world in the darkest times. That Jesus is also the Moon who gives light to the darkest nights. He meant to incorporate Pagan beliefs into the Christian faith to allow people to accept it more easily.

On the other hand as a symbol, the Celtic Cross goes way beyond Christianity or Paganism. It is an ultimate charm that means many things. It is made up of a cross that intersects with a circle and the base arm of the cross extends the longest out of the circle. This cross means the four corners, the North, South, East and the West and the circle being the Moon Goddess. It also means the four evangelists, Mark, Mathew, Luke and John and the cross is Jesus. It has been worn proudly of those born of Celtic bloodlines as sign of royal bloodlines. The Celtic Cross has often been used as a headstone for kings in the Isle of Iona and in Iona Abbey.

The Cross is made up of knots intertwined to show the everlasting faith and wisdom. It is also serves like a compass for the soul to remind one which is the right direction to take. The middle of the cross is a Celtic Knot to recall everlasting life.

Wear this cross as a talisman to have guidance in life and protection against evil. Grow more in your faith and heritage by celebrating it using the Celtic Cross. Approximate size: 1″ x 1″.

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