Glastonbury Tor Charm for Magical Powers and Divination Skills


This is a pendant is an offering to Sun god Belenos, who is the god of prophecies. The Celtic knot links the Power of the Land and the Sky.

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The Glastonbury Charm for Magical Powers and Divinations is a beautiful but simple rendition of more complex triquetra. It is as if it looks like a dancing flame. If you also look at this triquetra closely, it would show a heart and the triquetra interlocked with one another. This pendant is an offering to one of the higher gods of the Celtic Faith, Belenos the Sun God, the Shining One. It also reminiscent of the Mound of Glastonbury which is also seen as the holy site of the god Belenos.

Belenos is of the revered gods of the Celts because he is the god that gave them fire and warmth. His sun warms the face of the earth after the cold and harsh Nordic Winter. He is also the god of prophecies much like Apollo who has the oracle of Delphi. He is known to descend upon priests and witch maidens and possess them with knowledge of the future and magick. His wife, Bellisima is the Celtic incarnation of the goddess Athena or Minerva, goddess of wisdom. She is full of wisdom and power as well as beauty. Now this knot is the union of both Belenos and Bellisima as one.

Celtic knots have known to be sources of power, wisdom, protection and magick. They are used to ward off evil and call upon gods for blessings and guidance. Using one to aid you can assist you in growing more in magick as well has having the ability to divine and know about the future. This pendant also recalls the Celtic magickal words that bind spells and give power to them “as above so shall below”. It is known that gods need to empower a spell in order for it to work. We must also invoke the Spirits to create a magick that is strong and blessed. Thus by using symbols such as Celtic knots as pendants, we can wear the magick close to our hearts.

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