Circle of Brighid Charm for Creative Talent and Self Confidence


Inspired by the Gaelic goddess of smithcraft, poets, divination and healing, who, in Scotland and Ireland today, as St. Brighid.

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The pendant Circle of Brighid Charm for Creative Talent and Self Confidence is pendant which an offering to St. Brighid of Ireland. She is both pre-Christian Goddess and a St. of the Catholic Church. This pendant shows a Triskelion, a pagan symbol of the creative and competitive spirit of man.

St. Brighid is both a Celtic and a Catholic saint. Many scholars believe that Brighid or Brigid was same goddess of the Irish, who was later on Christianized. The Goddess Brighid is the patron of poets, artists, healing, spring, fertility and smithscraft. Brighid was also known to have two sisters, Brighid the healer and Brighid the smith. Thus, Brighid was also known as a three faced goddess much like Isis or Hekate. Her Catholic feast day also falls on the Pagan Irish Spring festival called the Imbolic. Brighid is known to be a hearth goddess. There is fire in Kildare that is tended by nuns to run aflame always. In the ancient times, priestesses guarded the flame and kept it ablaze.

It was said that Brighid was a Mother Goddess to the Celts. She gifted them with life and creativity and thus gives those who seek her the ability to create beauty and show truth. As an artist, a blessings from her would mean creations of life and spirit.

Another feature of this pendant is the triskelion. This is the ancient symbol of man running towards success. If you look closely at the triseklion, you will see that is like tree bent legs running really fast. This shows how man will move towards life, using creativity and competitiveness. Another meaning of the triskelion is Creation, Preservation and Destruction. In life we create and we try to preserve but there is always destruction in order to make room for the new.

For artists, writers, potters, painters, sculptors or anyone who wishes to have the creative spirit within them, this pendant is for you. Crafted from lead free pewter and measures about ¾” in diameter.

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