Knights Templar – The Two Riders


This Templar Seal depicting Two Riders on a single horse symbolise the Templars’ dual nature as warriors and monks.

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The Knights Templar – The Two Riders is a symbol of the the Knights devotion to their mission as well as their humility and the vow of poverty. Many of the Knights Templars were monks who swore to protect the Holy Mother Church through whatever means even though it mean riding through battle.

The insignia of the Two Riders has had many interpretations. One of the common interpretations was that during that time, many of the Templars were clerics or monks, and thus did not have any riches or horses. However, the Rule of the Templar suggests that each Knight is allowed to have at least three horses and that no rider will share a horse. Another interpretation is a military principle where in two Knights are grouped together. This is in order with whatever you do, there is another Knight to watch your back. In other writing it is said to be the symbol of Brotherhood, for in those times a horse was the extension of a man’s body. If a man shares his horse with another, it means that this other person is now the extension of his persona and therefore he has to protect him at all costs. Another interpretation says that this is because the Templars swore to be pious and vowed to a life of poverty. That he will not own anything but the Church will own it. Finally it shows that Templars were both gentle monks but fearsome knights.

Many stories circulate around the Templars heraldry and chivalry. They have sacrificed their lives to defend the Holy City. They faced death and execution when King Philip IV denounced them and sentenced them to burn at the stake. They were accused of many things. But we know that the Templars, being an arm of the Freemasons, are keepers of knowledge. This knowledge has always baffled many.

Wear this pendant as a reminder of one of the most popular Knights Templar symbols. Use it as a talisman to ward off evil and negativity. Invite companionship and allegiance with this pendant. Length is 2” and width is 1.5”. Comes with a chain necklace and is made from lead-free pewter.


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