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The solar cross symbol stands for the life-giving properties of the Sun and eternal light.

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The Knight Templar – Solar Cross is a talisman that takes its symbolism from Christianity, Paganism, Nordic Religion and even Ancient Animism. At first glance, you will think that it is but a Knight Templar pendant, showing a red cross on a white background. But this cross has a much deeper meaning. This amulet is a rendition of the ancient symbol of the sun cross or solar cross, a cross within a circle.

The Knights Templar were the guardians of the pilgrims tasked to keep them safe in their journeys to the Holy Land. Later on, when the Muslims sieged Jerusalem, the Templars were then tasked by the Pope to defend the Land. At this time Pope Eugenius gave them the Red Cross as the mark of the Papal Bull. This would be their emblem as they ride through battles as they fought for the Catholic Church. They bore the Red Cross on a white shield to signify the blood of Christ is with them and that they must be pure to carry it.

The Knights Templar – Solar Cross is reminiscent of the Knights Templar, their pledge to church and their hidden symbols. The Knights were known to have sought great knowledge and in this quest, it was said that they have looked upon pagan traditions. This pendant shows a cross within a circle. But instead of a regular circle, it is surrounded by four crosses linked by fleurs. The cross has been a present symbol way before the Catholic Church bore it. It was a symbol of the four corners of the Earth, North, South, East and West. It was also the symbol of the four Alchemic, Pagan and Celtic elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. The circle has always been the symbol of the Sun. Now putting them together still shows the Sun, but now it also shows the sun as it moves through the seasons.

In the ancient times the Sun was viewed as a god that gives life and takes it away. And with the powers of the Sun comes the light that protects against evil and negativity. This pendant tries to embody that power that blesses it’s wearer with positivity. It has five crosses, one at centre which represents Christ or the power of the Earth. The surrounding crosses recalls the four evangelists, Mark, Mathew, Luke and John. They also connects to the solstices when the earth is in alignment with Sun.

Wear this pendant and be blesses by the Solar Cross. Measures 1.75” and comes with a gift box and a necklace


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