Knights Templar – Sigil of Abraxas


An image of Abraxas was adopted by Templars as a powerful icon of their secret magickal lore and was reproduced on certain seals. 

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The Knights Templar – Sigil of Abraxas is a pendant that bears one of the mysterious symbols of the Knights Templar. The Sigil of Abraxas is an ancient symbol showing a figure which related to a deity who was worshipped by the Gnostics. Many of the symbols and patterns used by the Templars were filled with mystical elements that lead to much wonder and speculation in those times and even up to this day.

The Knights Templar was a league of soldiers which current people know as men who are riddled with mystery and heraldry. This league was composed noble men tasked to carry out the arms of the Holy Catholic Church. They were knights and clergymen who protected those who needed to journey to the Holy Land of Jerusalem. They were also men who fought the Muslims in the siege of Jerusalem but was later on defeated. They were ordered by King Philip IV to be executed and their wealth be seized. Records indicate that this was because of Philip IV did not want to pay his dues to the knights but also he accuses them of paganism.

The Sigil of Abraxas can be seen on stones which are also called Abraxas in the 2nd Century AD. These stones were used as amulets to bring about power and magick to the Gnostic bearer. Abraxas was the name of an ancient powerful deity that they believed to be far more superior to Jehovah, the Judeo-Christian God that we know today. According to their writings, Abraxas was a creature which had a head of a rooster, the body of a man and his two legs were of serpents. He wielded a shield of Wisdom on his left arm and the Whip of Helios on his right arm. The Whip of Helios meant strength and power. In the writings of Basilides, an Alexandrian scholar he said that Abraxas created the world and all the heavens. It was said that there was 365 heavens. He said that Abraxas ruled the 365 heavens and to each one he assigned an angel, one of which is Jehovah.

Of course the Roman Catholic Church and the early Christian deny the writing and teachings about Abraxas. He was also said to be an Archon, a Titan-like god of the Celtics. Many stories about him were declared as heresy by the Church. The Templars on the other hand, say that the use of such mystic symbol was to appeal to those who do not belong to the Church and encourage them to be a part of it. However many still believe that they have partaken in Pagan traditions to enhance their knowledge and power.

Wear this talisman in order for you to acquire the great powers of the 365 heavens. Use it to have wisdom and strength. This amulet is both mystical as well as a military emblem of those who have chosen to be the warriors of Christ. Use it and be filled with mystery. Measures 1 ½” and comes with a gift box.


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