Knights Templar – Shield Cross


The Templar warrior’s shield stands fast behind the cross of devotion, showing the world a formidable force.

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The Knights Templar is has been established in the 12th by the Roman Catholic Church to protect those who wished to pilgrimage to Jerusalem. These men were called upon the duty to serve and protect the weak and those who are the followers of Christ. They were also the soldiers of God, tasked with the duty to fight all those to wish to sack the Holy City. They also served as the men to find the Holy Grail in the Temple Mount. But this bit was never recorded and has never been proven until now.

The Knights Templar – Shield Cross shows the two most important weapons of a Templar Knight, his shield and his sword. The shield was not just to protect one’s self from the blows and strikes coming from his opponent it was also a symbol of honour and an ornament to show one’s heraldry. The shield on this pendant shows fleur-de-lis, a flower with three petals bound at the bottom. The fleur-de-lis was the symbol of the French Monarchy. On the other hand on top of the shield is the sword that looks like a cross. This symbolized the calling to use one’s might and power only in the service of Christ. Templars were not even allowed to hunt or kill animals unless they themselves are put in harm’s way.

Many say that the shields used by the Knights were blessed both by the Pope and by Pagan ritual. This allowed the Templars to have immense power. Legends and myths surround the lives of the Knights Templar. One of which is the Holy Grail. It is said that they hold the Holy Grail and its secrets. This was why they were executed and excommunicated.

This pendant on the other hand, is a symbol for those who hold the will to protect others close to their hearts. It also a talisman to ward against harm and evil. Wear it to encourage a positive aura around you. The Knights Templar – Shield Cross measures 1 ½” and comes with a gift box.

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