Knights Templar – Rochefort Seal


The Rochefort Seal may bring its wearer Good Fortune and Financial Acumen.

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The Knights Templar was an ancient band of knights appointed by the Pope to defend the pilgrims who journeyed to the Holy Land and also to battle those who try to conquer Jerusalem. They have sworn to serve the Catholic Church until their dying breath.

The Templars were successful men who searched not only for holiness but also for great knowledge. Many stories have circulated that through their quest for knowledge and power, they have delved into the arcane and pagan ways. Because their immense influence and power, King Philip IV excommunicated them and even hunted them down. A lot of them were condemned to burn at the stake for charges of witchcraft and black magick. But the Templars survived to this day. They hold secrets and mysteries within their organization. It is said that the Templar envisioned that the knowledge and vision of both the East and the West as well as the beliefs could come into unison and balance.

One of the notable Templars was Brother Preceptor Hugh de Rochefort. He was carried this symbol of a cross, a star and a fleur-de-lis enclosed in a circle. The symbol meant Christ being the middle of the whole Templar mission. But it was also said that the cross was a combination of the upward “V” which is the female symbol and the downward “V” which is the male symbol of the pagan traditions. There is a star on the upper left corner which represents knowledge and light that each Templar will follow. Some say that this was because the Templars being of pagan and masonic decent also believed in the power of the Pentagram. In the lower right is the fleur-de-lis. This is a group of three petals bound together by a band at the bottom. This was the sacred coat of arms of the French Monarchy. The cross, the star and fleur-de-lis is enclosed by the circle that represents a never ending life and power. The circle was also very scared to the Celts and the Pagans for it meant that within the circle you are protected.

This pendant is a combination of both Christian and Pagan traditions. It holds with it the mystery carried by the Knights Templar. It is an omen for Good Fortune and Wealth. It hold with it all the sacred symbols of faithfulness, wisdom, power, royalty and even longevity and immortality. Use this pendant to be successful in your business or career. Be the best in your field; use the charm that even the Templars themselves carried.

Measures 1 ½” and is made of 100% lead free pewter.

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