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The Knights Templar stood for bravery and chivalry, Non Nobis Domine was their motto and counsels individual humility and compassion.

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The Knights Templar was a group of knights under the ancient society of the Free Masons and was sworn to allegiance to the Holy Catholic Church. They are willing to live, suffer and die for the noble cause of defending the Church and abiding the orders of the Holy See. Their motto in Latin was Non Nobis Domine. This Latin phrase was derived from one of the songs of David written in Psalm 113:9. The passage goes “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
but to thy name give the glory.” This Pendant is a symbol to pay homage to that sacred oath of these knights and their prayer from David’s Psalm.

This beautiful pendant combines a Knight Templar’s sword and shield, his helmet and his motto which all brings him strength in battle. The pendant is also a good reminder to its bearer the promise of humility and selflessness at all times. He or she can take pride in this symbol that may give him needed bravery, compassion and chivalry.

For hundreds of years the Knights Templar have guarded and upheld the Church. They have remained to this day living a life of honour and humility. In the past, when they rode to battle in the crusade, they knew that death may be upon them, but they did not let that dishearten them. They knew that dying for the Church and for Christ meant eternal bliss in heaven. They knew what their sacrifices can do and they rode to Jerusalem with valour.

The values of the Knights Templar are still things people can standby up until today. We can devout ourselves to a noble cause and do it with passion. This pendant can be reminder of the vow to do good things. Wear and show your pride and honour to bear things others cannot bear. Be brave!

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