Knights Templar – New Order of the Ages


Seclorum Novus Ordo is taken from a poem by Virgil, longing for peace and happiness. Its wearer may be guided to an Enlightened Future.

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The Knights Templar were the guardians of the Holy Church. They rode into the crusades and made the mystical Temple of Solomon the seat of their power. In the said temple lies many secrets and treasures. There within its walls lies the Arch of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and some even say the mummified head of Jesus. Aside from Christian and Judaism artefacts, the Templar were said to have found wisdom and power from their Pagan Freemason brothers.

This pendant is a symbol that embodies the mysteries that lie within the old organization of the Knights Templar. It shows three notable parts. The All Seeing Eye, a Triquetra and the Circle that holds the Eye which says “Seclorum Novus Ordo”. In the middle of this pendant is the Eye of Providence or the All Seeing Eye. This was translated as the Eye of God; an eye which sees anything and everything. Nothing can ever hide from the Eye. It was also a notable figure in the ancient Egyptian religion. It was said that The Eye of Horus was the source of the All Seeing Eye or the Eye of Providence which the Christians later used. The Eye of Horus was said to give its bearer royal power, health, wisdom and even immortality. The Eye is also an allegory to the Sun as it was also known as the Eye of Ra, the Sun God. For Christians, it also symbolizes the rising of Christ. This is now seen on the back of the One Dollar Bill of the United State.

Behind the All Seeing Eye and in its foreground is the Triquetra in a Golden Triangle. The Knights being of the Church, sworn to follow the teachings and always uphold the values of Faith, Hope and Love as represented by the Triquetra. The Triquetra also has a main symbolism which is the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit for Catholics. On the other hand, for Pagans, the Triquetra was the symbol of the Goddess. It represented the phases of the moon, waxing, full and waning. It is also reminiscent of the Knot of Odin.

Surrounding the Eye and Triquetra is a circle that is inscribed with the words from the poet Virgil “Seclorum Novus Ordo” which means “New order of the ages”. During the time of Virgil, poets were said to be the new prophets for Christians. Many of them have thought that he was pertaining to the return of Christ and the end of the old world. They have thought that the words of poets equated to the things to come in the days of the Second Coming. This passage was often related to the Conspiracy Theory regarding the New World Order. It is said that one day one authoritarian government will rule the whole world.

Many mysteries are interpreted by this pendant. Wear it and bear the mystery as well as the magick and power that comes with the ancient symbols. Use it as a talisman to bring about abundance, good luck and ward off enemies and bad luck. This pendant measures 1 ½” and comes with a necklace. The pendant also comes in a black box for safe keeping.

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