Knights Templar – Engrailed Cross


Celtic, Gnostic, and Templar themes feature in the Engrailed Cross found in mysterious mediaeval Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

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The Knights Templar Engrailed Cross represents the values that lies in hearts of the Templars; valour, chivalry, Christianity, wisdom and seeking a higher purpose. It is a recreation of the engrailed cross which is the main symbol and adornment of the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. It embodies the sacred paths of the ancient Celtic ways, the encompassing Gnostic traditions and the pervent Christian beliefs. It has an equal armed cross in colour gold with a red crystal in the middle. The cross is then surrounded by a circular grail with looping fluers which is reminiscent of Celtic designs. This talisman is made of 100% Lead-Free pewter.

The Knights Templar is a holy order of soldiers for the service of Christ. They worked under the wing of the Freemasons. These men pledged allegiance to fight against those try to take away the Holy City of Jerusalem. They are men who were blessed by the Pope to protect the Catholic Church from its persecutors.

During the crusades, they rode to Jerusalem to return its control to Rome. They fought gallantly but eventually they lost and the Muslims took the city completely in 1291. Before they lost, they took the Temple Mount as their headquarters. The Temple Mount is the place where Solomon’s Temple was made. It also the home of the Arc of the Covenant within the Holy of Holies. It is said that the Holy Grail rested in the mount and that the Templars took it with them. The Holy Grail has been a subject of controversy for a very long time now.

The Rosslyn Chapel has been said to have been the resting of the Holy Grail when it closed to the public during 1560 – 1861. It was said that the Templar used this church as their home and headquarters. Many theories were said about the chapel. One of these theories says that a part of Christ’s cross lies inside the Engrailed Cross of the Rosslyn Chapel.

This pendant represents Christ being at the centre of someone’s heart. He is the golden cross in which his blood flowed through. This also represents the mystery that surrounds the Engrailed Cross of the Rosslyn Church and the secrets that the Knights kept for hundreds of years. Many say that the Rosslyn Chapel mystery fulfilled the Gnostic beliefs that Christ married a woman and that the Church is supposed to be both male and female in nature. It also calls upon the ancient magick of the Celtics with the Circle of Fluers around it; a reminder of the flowing waters of life.

Wear this pendant and be filled with the mystery of the Engrailed Cross.









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