Knights Templar – Byzantine Eagle


The eagle is an heraldic bird of the first order symbolising courage and determination. The double-headed eagle signifies a man of action, one of lofty spirit.

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The Knight Templar – Byzantine Eagle is a pendant which symbolizes the ancient order of the Knights Templar, a branch of the Free Mason order. The Knights Templar was the holy order of Freemasonry that set out to defend the blessed city of Jerusalem during the Middle Ages. This pendant is an emblem for courage and determination, willpower and faith to be able to accomplish anything and fear no one. This pendant combines the two powerful symbols of the Double Headed Eagle and the All Seeing Eye of Providence.

Back during the crusades, the Knights Templar professed there undying loyalty to God and to fight for His Holy City till their dying day. They were normally noble men who had knowledge and bravery in their hearts. They set out to leave their homes behind to defend Jerusalem during its sacking in the Middle Ages. Being part of the Free Masons, these men had in them skilled knowledge which no ordinary man had.

The symbol of the Double Spread Eagle was the emblem awarded to the highest ranked Scottish Free Mason. It depicts two eagles which merges into one. The eagle is in flight and is in direct pursuit of something great and heroic. It is the symbol of unsurmountable courage which is not afraid of any deterrent that may come its way. This heraldic image has been the banner of many great empires and kingdoms from the Byzantine to the present day America. It a medallion of valour that gives its bearer the ability to charge into the battles of life.

On the other hand, the All Seeing Eye of Providence is the symbol of God or also the same symbol of the Egyptian God Horus. It is an eye inside a triangle. In Buddhism, Buddha himself mentions an eye of the world. The All Seeing Eye is a universal eye that has been seen and depicted in many cultures and religions as an eye that sees all things and knows all things. This eye is able to see the wearer and stir him away from trouble or danger. It is also an eye which in Egyptian times was a symbol of healing and rebirth, much like Horus being restored when he offered his eye to Osiris. It gives the bearer a power to see through the strands of time and hence the power over immortality of his soul.

With the two symbols of the Double Spread Eagle of the Knights Templar and the All Seeing Eye of Providence put together, this pendant is a great gift for those who want courage in their lives. It is perfect for those who endeavour noble dreams and aspirations. Wear it to enhance your spiritual powers and give it to aid others to have the heart of the eagle and eye of truth.


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