Knights Templar – Blade and Chalice


In mediaeval times it was believed that the Knights Templar guarded the Holy Grail with their Templar swords.

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The Knights Templar – Blade and Chalice is a pendant that shows the two most important parts of a Templar’s vow; his sword to protect those who are in need and a Holy Grail which represents the heart of Jesus. This pendant pays homage to the Seal of Solomon by combining the shape of the sword and chalice into a hexagon. The Temple Solomon is another name that the Templars are known by. This is because Solomon has asked God for wisdom and not anything else and because of that, he was blessed with not only wisdom but wealth beyond measure.

The Knights Templar is an ancient society formed under the wing of the Free Masons who have sworn to protect the Holy Catholic Church. They have fought in the crusades using the might of their swords which has been said to be blessed by the Pope himself during those days. They have also searched for the most guarded treasures that lay in the inner sanctums of the heart of Jerusalem.

The Knights Templar were able to occupy the Temple Mount were the Holy of Holies hold the treasure such as the Arc of the Covenant and the Holy Grail was also said to be there. These treasures have never been recovered after the battles in those days. It was said that the Knights Templar have kept them hidden and have sworn to protect them for the rest of time.

The Holy Grail is the cup in which Jesus drank from and shared on the first mass during the Last Supper. It also the cup in which the blood of Jesus flowed into when Joseph of Arimathea took him down from the cross. Some even say that the Holy Grail is not an actual cup but a metaphor to heart of Jesus and his letter pertaining to love. There has been many disputes and studies regarding what the real Holy Grail is. So much so that it has even threatened the Church. Gnostics and Esoterics have believed that Jesus himself wrote a gospel and used the word Holy Grail to pertain to his love for the people of God or maybe even His love for a partner or a mate. Many years have passed but still the Grail has never been found. In the legends of King Arthur, it is said that he who holds the Cup will have immortality, youth and wisdom.

The Knight Templars – Blade Chalice is the perfect combination of the courage shown by the Templars and their love and faith in Christ. It is a symbol for those who want to be filled with Trust and Love. Wear it to show your faith and courage.


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