Flight of the Goddess for Awareness and Knowledge


Inspired by ancient forest, home of both human and fairy, this pendant is finely detailed to connect the wearer with his woodland origins.

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The Flight of the Goddess for Awareness and Knowledge is a pendant that represents wisdom, awareness and knowledge. This pendant shows a wise old owl in flight who is flying under the crescent moon. The owl has always represented wisdom since the dawn of time. It’s quiet flight and thoughtful eyes made it Athena’s bird.

Gods and goddesses have always been known to take the human or animal form. Athena chose the owl because it is the bird who is able to hunt even in the darkest of the dark night. Athena is not only the goddess of wisdom, she is also the goddess of darkness and warfare strategy. She is always been able to give all the possibilities that is to happen out of a specific situation.

The crecent moon is the representation of the young maiden goddess as she watches from the sky as Athena transforms herself into an owl to give out wisdom to man as they sleep in the night. When the goddess Athena flies, she pours out dreams, knowledge and talents into man’s psyche. She is both beautiful and wise. Having her guidance would allow you to be prudent at all times.

This pendant can be worn to attract the powers of the mind. The mind is strong and powerful. If the mind has enough will it can turn things to your favour. Wear it to enhance awareness and knowledge. Measures 45 x 35mm.

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