The Rose Cross For High Magick


The Rose Cross designed by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, the head of The Order of the Golden Dawn and combining the elements and 22 paths.

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The Rose Cross for High Magick is an ornate cross pendant with many hidden meanings. This pendant shows a cross that has a rose in middle. On each of the arms of the cross are pentagrams and the combination of Male and Female Symbols. It is a symbol of High Magick and the path towards attaining enlightenment in the ways of Wisdom and Power.

For many the cross is the symbol of Christianity. But many people do not know that way before Christians adapted the cross as their symbol, the pagans have had the cross as the symbol of Masculine power. The Rose Cross shows the Rosy Cross. a combination of both the male and female symbolism. The circle in the middle of the cross is the symbol of service and femininity. The cross is the symbol of bravery, much like a sword and the symbol of the male strength. When they are together the make a powerful sign of attaining Magick and completeness. This symbol has been part of many pagan orders. One of the notable people who carried the cross was S.L. Macgregor Mathers the Chief Hermetic Wizard of the Order of Golden Dawn. He further designed it by giving it a more elaborate symbols to imbibe power into the talisman. His sacred order was also dedicated to finding the answers behind the secrets of Magick and Freemasonry. He was a Freemason who knew that knowledge in the occult would help him attain enlightenment

Wear this cross to acquire the Magickal Light you deserve. Wear it as a symbol of your devotion to the Magickal Way. It is a beautifully crafted cross that can serve both Pagans and Christians. Allow Magick into your life.

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