Cassiellum – Amethyst Pendant for Karma Clearing


Amethyst, gemstone of the heavens set on the symbol of fire with the Sigil of Cassiel, Angel of Saturn inscribed for Karma clearing. 

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assiellum – Amethyst Pendant for Karma Clearing is a pendant that holds many powers and secrets. This pendant’s main purpose is to cleatnse one’s karma from past life evils such as curses and past life misgivings. Karma cleansing is important to avoid bad luck in the present life and to create a good cosmic balance into your psyche.

This pendant combines elements from the universal symbols that promote cleansing and positivity. It has the Sigil of the Archangel Cassiel of the planet Saturn. Cassiel, a solitary angel guards the balance of fate. He is often alone and does not intervene with the cosmic movements, but rather makes sure that everything flows with the cycle of life. This means that life must happen on it’s own terms, nature will create and destroy, people will love and sin and animals will die and will be born. Cassiel is also grants those who call on him the ability to travel through different realities, time and space. He provides safety and guards those who call on him. Cassiel is the angel of kindness and temperance and champions those who are thwarted by their enemies.

The amulet itself is shaped in the symbol of fire that cleanses and shapes. Fire is known as the element of change. It paves way for something different to change. When your karma is bad due to past life grievances, you must go through the test of fire to prove yourself.

Lastly, the Amethyst crystal is set on the base of this pendant. Amethyst or the purple quartz is known to be a power stone. It gives good wisdom and clarity to the psychic eye. It is often also seen as an adornment to healers because it enhances the purifying powers of the universe to heal sickness. It is also known as the stone to ward off curses and poisoning.

Thus this pendant is a good choice for those who want to rise above the past. It is a good symbol of harnessing one’s karma and clearing it to create a positive future. Wear it to create an energy of love and light. Stone set in 925 Sterling Silver, ornamented with 18ct gold, comes with a black cord and is presented in its own purple…

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