Absinthe Fairy


The spirit of wormwood rises from the absinthegreen enamelled visage of mortality; with Swarovski crystal.

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The Absinth Fairy is pendant that shows a fairy sitting on the top of an Absinthe Vial. The Absinth Fairy is the protectress of those who seek liberation. She is the nymph of the grand wormwood tree and mixes its essences with green anise, wild flowers and fennel to make fragrant drink. She then stays in the bottle, awaiting to be freed and join an artist for a drink.

The Absinthe has been a very influential drink during the 18th and 19th centuries is France for it was the drink that liberates the soul. It was said to have magickal properties that allows a person’s soul to be free. He who partakes of the absinthe is then blessed by the fairy with creativeness, wit and talent. Many writers, poets and artists during the French Bohemian Revolution intertwined with the fairy. They allowed her to bless them with the gifts of writing and beautiful strokes.

Wear this pendant now and be blessed with artistic gifts. Allow your heart to be able to write or draw with passion; with no inhibitions. Let the green fairy be one with you. Made from 100% lead free pewter with a Swarovski crystal. Comes with a necklace.


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