Vanina Kari for Safety in Travel


Vanina Kari, whose name means ‘Butterfly so Pure of Heart’, travels in her pursuit of new experiences.

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Bright Vanina Kari, whose fairy name means ‘Butterfly so Pure of Heart’, travels far in her pursuit of new experiences and fresh encounters. She blesses those embarking on personal quests, and wearing her portrait may ensure Safety in Adventure and Travel.

The Vanina Kari Safety in Travel is a pendant that shows a goat-like fairy with butterfly wings as flies. Her name translates to “Butterfly Pure of Heart”. But don’t be fooled by her name, for Vanina comes from the clan of Glaistigs, goat like nymphs that sometimes lure travellers to get lost in the Wood. However, if you gain the protection of a glaistig, you will find a safe and joyous journey.

The glaistig are seen in two ways. They are either the playful and mischievous wood fairies luring men to be lost by changing the paths in the forests or they are the protectors of shepherds and cattle. Like all fairy folk, the glaistig are very playful. But sometimes they get bored and they want to have fun by playing on mere mortals. They sing and dance with them until the human forgets his travels and soon loses his way in the forest. On the other hand, as a protector of the herders, the glaistig wishes only to have milk to watch over the cattle. This fairy would then ward off attacks from demons and wolves that may fall on the sheep or the cows.

If one is lucky enough to befriend a glaistig, instead of tricking you into losing your way, she will then help you find a joyous journey. She will make the long travels not dreary but filled with joy and song. Vanina Kari is one friendly glaistig. She wants to take care of those who takes care of her. She will bless the men and women who travel by boat, plane or train to arrive in safe harbours. If you are a traveller, Vanina Kari will surely help you in your way.

Bring her home now or wear her on your heart. She comes with a matching necklace chain and a gift box. Bless her and make her truly your ally.





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