Selkie for Transformation


Selkie guides the wearer through times of change for transformation bringing new waters and change.

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The Selkie for Transformation shows a Selkie maiden as she leaps out of the water in a graceful arc. She moves her body to form the crescent shape of the moon. This Selkie maiden brings with her a luminescent crystal that represents the pearls of the sea.

The Selkie folk were known to be the Seal People. They are beautiful and gentle people who saved sailors from drowning. They normally went to land at night in secret. Some say that they visit the shores during the Midsummer’s Solstice while others say that they waded to shore every ninth night or every seventh stream. The Selkie often changed from Seal to Human by removing their Seal skin. Without the skin they cannot go back to sea.

The Selkie men were handsome and charming men. They fulfilled every girl’s fantasy; to be loved amorously. They exuded sensuality that married women wanted but often did not get from their husbands. Unwed maidens longed to make love with them because of their beautiful and loving features. On the other hand the Selkie maidens, are often ensnared by men by them singing at the shore and taking the skins so that the Selkie maiden can never go back to sea. Unlike the Fin Folk, the Selkie People did not drown humans but saved them from storms and harm.

This Selkie maiden pendant shows a beautiful Selkie about to go ashore. She is then about to change her form there. Selkies are known to be able to adapt to the changing tides of the waters. This pendant would then guide you through the changing tides of time and life. Wear it as a talisman to attract a love which is amorous or as a charm to protect you from sudden changes. It will help you in going on voyages and doing something new.

It comes with a necklace and a gift box.


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