Nectar Faerie For Vitality


Sweet Nectar Faery, healer and friend, offers the sweet tonic of vitality and the essence of life.

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The Nectar Faerie for Vitality is a pendant showing a lively young flower fairy as she dives into a daisy. But this is no ordinary daisy. This is the Daisy of Spring. It is where the sweetest nectar comes from. She dives into it and gets the essence that would awaken other flowers after the cold winter. The Nectar Faerie. Knows that in the heart of every flower is the power to give live and love.

Flower faes are sprites that fly about gardens and glades. Like all Woodland faeries, they are given by the Queen Faerie special tasks. There are gatherer faeries, animal faeries, insect faeries, fruit faeries, and even springbrook faeries. All of them work together to prepare the Woodlands for the coming of each season. Spring is the most exciting of all seasons because they need to work very hard to make sure that all the flowers and animals wake up in time for spring.

The Nectar Faerie, love diving and flying about flowers. She loves the warm sunshine of life. She is never timid but she is always happy and bouncy. She blesses those humans with her gift of joyous charm when they feel cold and blue. Keep her close to your heart in order for you to find that bounce in your step. Allow her to fly into your soul.

This little trinket shows a lively little fairy with a golden wings. She is made from lead-free pewter. Her daisy is adorned with a shining Swarovski crystal in blue to show the Daisy of Spring. Bring her to your hear now with a matching chain. I hope that she blesses you with that needed vitality.






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