Mustard Seed Faery for Creativity


The mustard seed faery is a firey creature of passion and energy, she is courageous and impulsive for creativity in all areas of life.

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The Mustard Seed Faery for Creativity is pendant that is showing a fairy sprite in flight. She has a shimmering body with golden wings. She is gracefully flying as she blows on her trumpet. She blesses those who call upon her with the gift of creativity and magick. She allows playfulness to go into one’s heart in order to enable a person to create wonderful works of art as well as put creativity in every bit of his or her life.

Faeries have been known to be guardians of beauty and the truth. They have always been given the task of watching over forests, animals and people. They have specific tasks such as guiding nature into growing or giving music to life. One of the young faeries is Mustard Seed. She is the guardian of the small but powerful mustard seed, which if planted grows into a big source of creativity. Mustard Seed is a very light footed fairy who always wants to fly about. She has many instruments but her favourite is the trumpet because it can wake up the sleeping recesses of one’s heart and soul. Once you hear her trumpet, you will awaken and start to do something creative. She can bless you even in the mundane parts of your life such as cooking your food, getting dressed up or even sleeping! But she can also be very useful if you are an artist by heart. She can help you feel inspired throughout the day.

Bring her close to your heart now and get her blessings. She comes with a necklace and is made from lead free pewter. You can also share Mustard Seed by giving her as a gift. She comes with a gift box.


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