Moon Leaper For Intuition


Moon Leaper, dances in the moonlight, revealing the singing voice of your Higher Self.

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The Moon Leaper for Intuition is a pendant that shows a Moon Fairy riding a rabbit into the sky. She is a silver fairy much like the silver sheen of the moon and the rabbit is a brown and golden creature. They fly off into the crescent moon with the fairy showering the rabbit with pixie dust allowing it to fly. This pendant is a symbol of the playfulness of a young moon fairy willing to give the magick of intuition to anyone who carries her in their heart.

In China, there is a legend behind the moon and why there are mooncakes. A long, long time ago there were 10 suns which made the earth very hot. The gods did not know what to do. Wise men did not know what to do. A gigantic man named Hou Yi decided to shoot down the suns by using a giant bow and arrow. After nine weeks of shooting down the suns of once per week there was now one sun left. This allowed the moon to rise at night. As a gift the gods gave Hou Yi a potion that would allow him to extend his life by ten years. He was only allowed to take one drop of it at the end of each year. He gave his wife one drop too. His wife Chang Er became too anxious why she is only allowed to take one sip. So she told her husband to fetch rare ingredients to make a cake for the gods. She then drank a lot of it. She slowly became lighter and drank more and more until she floated. She then hit the moon and got stuck there for the rest of her immortal life. She was then asked by the gods to bake a cake every year which was now called moon cake.

This story basically tells us that the moon is very important to balance life. It also tells us that the female spirit is part of the moon. In another Chinese myth is of the rabbit being the bringer of joy, life and fertility. This pendant then gives such blessings to the wearer.

Wear this necklace and use to improve your intuition by getting the guidance of the moon and its fairy. Have a celestial bunny bless you with joy.

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