Leaf Faerie For Renewal


Leaf Faery celebrates Renewal.  Birth, death and rebirth.

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The Leaf faerie for Renewal is a pendant that shows a beautiful tree faerie dressed in a flowing golden leaf dress. She has butterfly wings and her eyes are closed as she flies. This pendant represents the power of the Leaf Faerie that protects plants and animals.

In the South East Asia there is a story about a tree or leaf fairy called Diwata in the Philippines and Dewata in Indonesia. It stems from the Hindu Devata.

The Diwata is a beautiful maiden who has luminescent skin and often times has fairy wings and elven ears. She is normally guarding trees. They are seen as human size or as pixies guarding nature. Diwatas were said to guard nature and put in the changes that is required to sustain the forest’s life. Much like this faerie in this pendant, the Diwata blesses those who honours nature with prosperity and life. On the other hand, the faerie shows justice to those who abuses the natures.

Leaf Faeries have been seen in many cultures and countries. From the Celts to the Chinese, there has been many accounts of maidens who walk among the trees covered in leaves. Sometimes their leaf dresses are of gold or sometimes green, much like Tinkerbelle’s.

Put this pendant on with its matching chain as a representation of your love for nature. Use it as a talisman to help you seek renewal in your life. Life is like the cycle of this Earth. There will be Spring and Autumn. The Faerie watches over the seasons and makes sure that everything grows and wakes up in time.

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