Isis Faerie For Fertility


Isis faery blesses individuals with creativity and couples with fertility

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Isis Faerie For Fertility is a pendant that shows the goddess Isis with a womb brimming with a child. She is also holding close to her belly a red crystal that symbolizes life and power. On her head is the horn crown of her son Horus. She also has faerie wings and is garbed in a long flowing white dress. This pendant is significant for mothers, women, those who serve the Goddess and artists.

Isis was revered as the Mother Goddess of the Egyptians. But her power did not just grow in Egypt but also in Greece, Africa and even Rome. Isis was the patroness of magic, the moon, mothers, fertility, and sinners, those who are in jail, slaves and artisans. She was the kind hearted mother who tended to her children no matter what mistakes they have made. Isis celebrated life in its joy, sorrow and even its imperfections. Aside from life, Isis also guarded the dead as she was their protectress as they traversed the Nile. She also protected children because she was the Mother Goddess.

Aside from the weak and the lonely, Isis also blessed the wealthy, maidens, rulers and members of the court. Her name is the direct translation of the Egyptian word for the throne. She is typically seen as wearing a sheath dress with a staff or a falcon and wears a throne as her crown. Isis was also a loving wife to her husband and brother Osiris.

Wear this pendant to receive the gifts of the Goddess Isis. Be filled with fertility if you want to be blessed with success in your family, career and business. Fertility comes in many forms. Allow this blessings to run freely into your life. Comes with a chain and is made of lead-free pewter. Also comes with a gift box.

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