Elf Heart for Happiness and Love


The Elf Heart for Happiness and Love is pendant that helps attract love to its wearer. It is a young fae who wants to help you.

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Beautiful Fairy Elf Heart Pendant and Necklace

The Elf Heart for Happiness and Love is a pendant that shows a young Elven faery sitting on heart shaped swing. She has four leaf like wings and a fox tail. She comes in an iron steel color to bring in her natural beauty. She is a small shy faery elf who comes close only to those who are of a pure heart.

The elves have long lived in the Everglades, the forests and the mountains. They have hidden themselves from the eyes of men and other creatures. They are gloriously beautiful and magickal. They create strong weapons as well as cast magick which is very powerful. Elven men are fierce knights and archers. They battle monsters and defeat them. Elven women are no less than the men. They fight with bows and arrows too. But the women exude talent in making beautiful weaveries of flowers and leaves. These they give to the deserving humans as tokens of their protection and magick.

This little elf pendant shows us a young elf who is willing to be your companion. She has the power to make love and happiness come into your heart. She blesses you with pure bliss. Wear her close to your heart in order to attract joy and love.

The pendant is elegant and crafted pewter, and is presented in a lovely green satin presentation pouch with a black thong (necklace) making it ideal as a gift. The pendant measures 45 x 50mm.


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