Cusp of Titania For Radiance


Titanias wings shimmer in the moonlight, filled with brightly glowing radiance, bringing incandescence to the wearer.

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The Cusp of Titania For Radiance shows us Queen Titania the Queen of the Faeries. She is of absolute beauty. She has long golden hair flying in the wind. She also has a feminine charm about her. Titania longingly flies towards the crescent moon, the Mother Goddess. She knows her duty on Earth is to shine some pixie dust on humans in order for them to be able to fly to their dreams

Titania has always loved the skies. She has stayed there for so long, flying around Uranus. Uranus has been the father of the Titans, the predecessors of the Olympians and father of Titania. She was then tasked to be the head fae among the other faeries and delegate them their tasks in ensuring that the Woodlands grow.

Titania, though the Queen of Faeries, enjoys the simple joys of life such a flight to the moon. She is lovely and amorous. She showers those who call upon her Radiance and Beauty. This radiance is the type of light that shines through even in the darkest nights. She sprinkles people with fairy dust to help them fly into the dreamland. She wonderfully takes care of the birds, the bees, the animals and the plants with the help of her faeries.

Bring Titania close to your heart now and get her to bless you with pixie dust. She comes with a necklace. She comes with a presentation box so that you can share her to your friends and loved ones. Bring her home today!

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