Bat Rider For Messages


Bat rider, Faery of the midnight hour rides into the depths of your dreams, bringing you messages from your subconscious mind

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The Rider for Messages is a beautiful lead-free pewter pendant showing a faerie riding a bat. She is rides the night and brings messages into dreams; the place where true ideas are born and made. She and her bat carries a midnight blue crystal to represent the dark nights where people sleep and slumber.

A long, long time ago faeries freely flew at night dancing and singing. They celebrated in the darkness where no human eyes can spy upon them. But one faerie was tasked to take care of dreams. She was also assigned to deliver messages from those who have departed. This faerie carried with her a magical vial that had good dreams in them. She also sent messages between lovers who are apart. The Bat Rider Faerie was of a strong heart and blessed those who wanted to have a safe voyage in the Land of Dreams. She delivered beautiful thoughts to those who revered her. Sometimes she gives nightmares to those who do not believe in faeries. Sometimes she give nightmare so that we can change and realize our mistakes.

Wear this beautiful pendant and be blessed by her grace every night. Sleep well knowing you have a guardian to guide your dreams. Get the messages of people who care about you as you sleep. See beautiful visions at night. This fae is a silver maiden with long flowing hair and a big gentle bat in gold. She has with her a Swarovski crystal in blue to represent the vial of dreams and messages.

Comes with a gift box and a necklace chain so you can wear her close to your heart.


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