Archangel Michael for Freedom from Past


Archangel Michael, cuts away the psychic cords, which bind you to old emotions, memories, beliefs and sets you free.

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The Archangel Michael for Freedom from the Past is an angel connected to many faiths and dominions. He is the Chief of Angels and belonged to the highest order of the Choir of Angels, the Seraphims. He is the angel of the highest rank and defender of God, the heavens and his people from Evil.

There are many traditions surrounding Angelology. From Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam to the Occult traditions of Wicca and Paganism. Angels are heavenly beings tasked to protect the heavens, the earth, the people and the things within this realm. There are different kinds of angels with different ranks and tasks. The highest order is the Seraphim, which Michael is of the highest rank.

Seraphims are said to be the direct protectors of God and His Throne. They are fiery beings with six big wings. They surround the throne of God. They carry out the main orders of God and the things that can change the course of history and time. On the other hand the second tier was the Cherubims. The Cherubims had four heads, one of an ox, a man, a lion and an eagle. They had four wings which were interconnected and those wings are filled with eyes. Satan was said to have been of the chief Cherubims. The other ranks in order are the Thrones, Dominations, Virtues, and Powers; Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. The first three belonged to the first tier, the second three to the second tier and the third one to the last tier. Angels of the lowest rank were tasked to take care of day to day activities of individuals and humans. They watched us close and are our guardian. Archangels are the highest ranked angel or it means chief angels.

In the Occult ways, Michael was associated with the season of the Autumn, in which we prepare for the cold Winter. He helps in clearing the mind from the playful Spring and Summer. He cuts away the leaves in order to awaken the soul. He is also associated with the planet Venus, in which enlightenment and awakening comes from.

Archangel Michael is a mighty angel tasked to fight against evil. He is seen with a spear and sword to destroy everything that is blocking our minds and souls. Allow him to protect you now. Allow him to cut away the cords of the past that bind your mind from seeing the future.

Archangel Michael, most powerful of angels can come to your heart now, by wearing this pendant. Give him a home today. Made from lead-free pewter. Comes with a necklace and a gift box.

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