Angelus For Miracles


Angelus, a great angel will grant miracles of healing, love and happiness. Angelus remains constant in your heart as long as you need her.

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The pendant Angelus is reminiscent of an angel in flight. But unlike the typical Christian angel, Angelus is an angel-fairy. She is both an angel and a fairy and she has both the holiness and the magick. Angelus is a great and powerful angel that helps bring about miracles and magick into one’s life. She blesses with healing the sick, finding love and happiness. Wear this pendant close to your heart to get the blessings from Angelus.

Angelus as a pendant shows an angel fae in flight. Her wings are spread out. The wings are delicately detailed to show the layers of gold and silver feathers. Her body is in the sheen of gold to show her holiness. She has a long flowing mane and her hands are spread out to welcome blessings. She stands on the crescent moon of the Goddess to share her blessings to others. A secret Latin prayer is inscribed on the moon to impart mystical power to those who will bear this pendant.

For many centuries people have wondered what the difference of fairies and angels are. But sometimes they are depicted as one and the same. Angels are the messengers of God while fairies are the children of the Goddess doing Her work. This pendant combines both an Angel and a Fairy. Keep Angelus by your heart and be blessed!

Made from lead free pewter and comes with a chain and gift box.


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