Angel of Vision for Insight and Clarity of Thought


Grasp your Angel of Vision to remove yourself from a problem and gain the insight and clarity.

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The Angel of Vision for Insight and Clarity of Thought is reminiscent of Jeremiel from the Jewish book of Baruch. Jeremiel is the angel of Hopeful Visions and Dreams. The task of this angel is to send God’s messages to man and lift them up in times of confusion and trouble. The Angel of Vision and Insight gives the gift of foresight of the future and clarity when you feel that you cannot decide.

Angels are normally neither male nor female but are often depicted in either sex for artistic reasons. For example St. Michael the Archangel is an angel who looks like a male general. This angel on this pendant looks like a beautiful lady looking out the window. She is beautifully adorned in a sheath dress and has large angel wings. A young bat flies into the room while waiting for her to arise. She looks out the window in prayer. She prays for those who wish to have insight. She prays for clarity. She includes those who are seeking the truth in her prayers.

Have this little angel close to your heart so that you can achieve enlightenment. Keep her close that she can remind you that insight and clarity comes to those who truly seek the knowledge and are not afraid of the truth. Let her sing to you as she prays to God or even the Goddess.

Angels are voices of God on earth. If you have one close to you, let him or her guide and guard you.

Comes with a necklace and a gift box.


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