Gorgeous Ruby – a baby red fire dragon – sits with the elf Ariana on the mossy ground, telling her of his hopes and dreams for the future.

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The figurine Ruby shows Ruby, a fire dragon youngling together with her elf friend and protector Ariana. They seat on the Everglades, in the wide and vast lands of a magickal land. The place that they rest on is a green and mossy meadow. Ariana watches over Ruby, helping her to grow into a great big dragon one day.

Ariana is clothed in a basque suit with stocking and some adornments on her arms. Her skin is decorated with rune and dragon tattoos that call upon magick spells when she needs them. She has a short blond pixie hair. Ariana is a young elf maiden that comes from the care take cares of magickal creatures. Each in their group is assigned by elven king and queen to care for a phoenix, a dragon, a gargoyle or other mystical creatures. Ruby was her charge.

Unlike black or green dragons, Ruby is a red fire breathing dragon. She is one of the defenders of the Magickal Meadows where elves and dragons leave. But unlike other dragons who dream of fight enemies, Ruby loves peace. She likes playing in the grass and smelling the scent of the fresh mildew in the morning. Her favourite flowers are red roses and daisies. She is just learning how to fly. Ruby, though young know about the dangers of the world. She knows that there are those who wish to harm dragons and elves. She has sworn to take care of Ariana and her family for the rest of time.

Bring home Ruby and Ariana now as symbol of true friendship. Made from cold cast resin and measures 34cm.

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