Dragonstar for Balance and Stability


Interwined in perfect harmony, the Male and Female Dragons represent the polarity of the Life Force around the Five Elements of the Magickal Pentagram, forming a Talisman for Balance and Stability.

Size: 44 x 26mm

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The Dragonstar for Balance and Stability shows a pair of Male and Female Stone Dragons intertwined in a cosmic embrace. They represent the duality of life, of both Yin and Yang. They represent the balancing forces of Chi or the Life Force. Stone Dragons are normally seen as guardians of Ancestral burial sites because they have the stability and the peace within them yet they have also the blazing fire that can defeat any adversity. The Female and Male dragon are linked together to show that in Life, everything goes together in perfect harmony; both chaos and peace, life and death and everything in between.

As these two dragons fly in the celestial space, they hold a Pentagram of Elements. This Magickal Pentagram of the Five Elements hold the powers of the Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit. All these elements are the building blocks of life. In the middle of the Star is a blue crystal of clear wisdom. This represents that in order for you to achieve balance and peace, you must be wise and foreseeing all the time.

Size: 44 x 26mm

Comes with a chain and a velvet pouch to keep your Dragonstar for Balance and Stability.

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