Dragon Goddess for Balance and Harmony


Babylonian Mother Goddess Tiamat took dragon form while giving birth to her invincible children. She then magically divided, one half becoming Sky, and her other half Earth, to rule for all eternity.
Approximate size: 1″

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Tiamat, the Sumerian-Babylonian Dragon goddess of the sea and chaos is woman who is also seen as a great dragon. She held within her the powers of creation as she married the god Apsu. She was of the salt-water and he was of fresh-water. From being a shimmering beautiful woman, she turned herself into a great and fierce dragon during childbirth. Their marriage sprung children who betrayed them and killed Apsu first and then Tiamat. Marduk, the murderer of Tiamat used the pieces of her dragon body to create the heavens, the seas and the earth.

Tiamat contained within her the great powers of the seas and the skies. She then provides harmony as such as the heavens and the waters; emotion and intellect. Being a mother goddess, she still was an able to identify that her children were full of chaos and must be purged. She sought justice when her husband Apsu was murdered by her usurping children.

This pendant shows Tiamat claiming the crystal that symbolizes the sun. It allows the bearer to claim his dreams and aspirations. It also signifies balance of both the mind and heart. If one is able to meditate well and keep these self-elements in harmony, one can achieve balance in life.

Approximate size: 1″
Comes with an “18 inch silver chain and a satin pouch

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