Draco for Stability and Progress


Mystical and magical dragon of the Heavens, Draco is seen in the night sky as a constellation, revolving around the celestial North Pole, maintaining order between earthly and starry realms.
Approximate size: 1″

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Draco is one of the mythical dragons that appear in the heavens. He is seen to be as a constellation in the Northern Sky containing the Northern Star. He is part of many legends and myths, from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Arabic, Babylonian and even Chinese. In one of the popular legends, Draco was known as the dragon Ladon who was set to guard the Hera’s apple tree that bore golden fruits. He was then killed by Hercules when he set in an adventure to get some apples together with Atlas. Upon his death, Athena put him in the skies to rest there eternally. In Egyptian myths, Draco was a constellation that contained the star Thuban, which was the North Star 5000 years ago. Thuban was the unperishable dragon star that meant eternal life.

Because his stars never darken, Draco gives you the power against chaos and changes. He charges you with stability. This lucky charm pendant also helps those who seek to grow and acquire progress. It is a good omen for those who are starting a new business and those who wish to get balance and promotion in their work. Wear this too if you wish to find harmony in your life, emotions and spirit. In times when you feel anxious or scared this can calm your soul.

Approximate size: 1″
Comes with an “18 inch silver chain and a satin pouch.


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