Celestial Dragon for Inner Peace


Favourite of the Chinese emperors, the Celestial Dragons scales hold the magical secrets of Yin and Yang. Protecting a crystal in the colour sacred to the fabled Terracotta Army, Celestial Dragon ensures triumph over evil.
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Celestial Dragon for Inner Peace

The Celestial Dragon is an ancient deity revered in China. This dragon has been the emblem of armies in the past centuries to guide them into triumph against their enemies. The Celestial Dragon is also the guardian of the Ancestors and the Gods’ palaces in heaven. This dragon gives power to find harmony in one self since it holds the wisdom of both the Yin and the Yang. They symbolize being above all that happens the ability to fly in any adversity. They also ensure an auspicious life filled with good luck, prosperity and wealth. The Celestial Dragon is also the ruler of all the dragons and helps guide in achieving success in career and finances. This dragon pendant is also shown as holding a stone close to its heart. This stone is in the color of the Terracota Army who are strong and steadfast. The energy of this wise dragon as well as the power of the stone can be a charm that will assist you in your daily life.

Lovingly designed by world famous fantasy artist, Anne Stokes, and equally lovingly crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, the Celestial Dragon for Inner Peaceis supplied with a sterling silver 18″ chain and a satin drawstring gift pouch.

Measures: 23 x 30mm

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